Welcome to our team page. Here you will get to know who everyone is and what they do. All of our team are volunteers.

Stevie P Doyle

CEO/General Manager

Teresa Wilson

Manager/Music Control

Jordan Edgar

Events Coordinator

Bob A Baker

Friday 9pm - 10pm

Saturday 8pm - 9pm

Camillo Janzen

Tuesday 10pm - 12am

Conor Clarke

Monday 8pm - 10pm

Wednesday 8pm - 10pm

Chuck Shorter

Sunday 4pm - 6pm

Craig Parry

Tuesday 7pm - 8pm

Saturday 7pm - 8pm

David Marks

Monday to Friday 8am - 10am

Ed Brady

Sunday 12pm - 12.30pm

Joy Adams

Sunday 1pm - 2pm

Kay Cook-Abbott

Tuesday 5pm - 7pm

Sunday 9pm - 10pm

Lance Teele

Saturday 8am - 10am

Mary M

Saturday 5pm - 7pm

Marty Green

Wednesday 12pm - 3pm

Mick Hearn

Thursday 8pm - 10pm

Sunday 10pm - 12am

Paul Hazell

Wednesday 4pm - 7pm

Pete Matthewman

Friday 5pm - 7pm

Rob Charles

Monday 6pm - 8pm

Thursday 6pm - 8pm

Sean Green

Monday to Sunday 10am - 12pm

Steven Sinclair

Sunday 2pm - 4pm

Wednesday 2pm - 4pm

Tony B

Friday 7pm - 9pm

Sunday 7pm - 9pm