Become A Supporter (Advertising)


With us being a station for new talent and our continued support of artists and other music industry businesses we are pleased to introduce Become A Supporter to you.

For an annual fee of £25.00 + £1 admin fee you can open up great benefits for you and your business. That breaks down to just 48p per week.

Becoming a supporter gives you unlimited advertising for a full year. See below for full list of benefits.

1, Unlimited digital advertising on our website home page and our social media sites similar to the advert on this page. One image or poster at a time but change with the option to change once per month. (Image must be supplied)

2, Audio adverting which can be changed monthly if required. We will supply a voice advert as part of your benefit but adverts with music must be supplied. Advert will be played up to six times per day every day of the week.

3, Website link and e-commerce link on our website and social media pages.


We can design your images for an additional cost of £10 per image.

We can create an audio advert with one piece of music for an additional cost of £10 per advert.